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Posted by Tarik Paik
Asked on November 7, 2018 1:52 pm

Blood is composed of 45% cells or formed elements and remaining 55% is liquid intercellular substance of blood is called plasma.
Serum : The cloth of the coagulated blood retracta to a smaller voloum and presses out a clear, straw (light yellow) colour flouid. This is called serum. Serum does not clote any more. It does not contain the proteins to prothombin and fibrinogen required for coagulation of blood.

Plasma : 55% of human blood is Plasma .It is homogenious slightly alkaline or pale amber or light yellow colour fluid portion of blood. It contains 90 -92 % water. Beside waer,t are various substances either in floating orsoluable condition are present in it . The albumin -globulin ratio in plasma is 1.5 :1 . According to some, it is 4.8 : 2.3 or approximately 2: 1.
The plasma contains albumin, globulin , prothombin and fibrinogen.

Posted by aalkhadiza
Answered On November 7, 2018 1:59 pm